How to reduce waste in research? From Edinburgh to Vienna and Sarajevo

  The Equator/Research waste conference in Edinburgh (other reports on the conference are available here, here and here) has been a key event to identify and bring together stakeholders working on reducing research waste and adding value to research. Douglas Altman highlighted that research should be valid and reported in usable format otherwise it will […]

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My scientific doodling..

Doodling and Science If you are following me on twitter or facebook, you already know that I am super excited about a recent announcement that Prof. Maryam Mirzakhani from Stanford University became the first Female Fields Medallist in History (and the first Iranian). As an Iranian, I heard about her and her achievements long before this […]

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Nature and Individual

I took this photo in Baluchestan, Iran. These structure were built by a fountain of clay called by the locals “Gel Afshan” Modern industrialized socioety has precisely the same need to insulate the individual from nature and indulges in similar illusions that it can be accomplished. The difference lies in the medium. We build machines and […]

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Married or Single

I draw this picture inspired by a visit to the Kolumba Museum in Cologne   Couples expect their love to be the only love that matters, and their goals and values to be the standards against which all other lives are measured. I don’t see why we can’t value coupling in a mature way, as […]

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My father passed away four years ago on 14 March. Last year, I wrote a small piece about him in Farsi in his memory for a journal called “Vekalat” in Iran that I also re-published on this blog. I get very nervous writing a piece about him as I can see him going over it with the […]

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